Monday, 26 May 2008

Lack of cash limits building work!

Government makes new regulations:
A school in Buddo Uganda lost a large number of children due to a fire in one of their dormitories. This horrific situation was made worse since the children were locked in over night and could not escape the flames. This tragedy has resulted in the Ugandan government clamping down on schools in an attempt to prevent such a recurrence in the future. However, poor schools have fallen foul of the new regulations making it very difficult to comply and putting the education of many pupils at risk. Henderson School is involved in an extensive building programme which may be delayed or halted as a result of these regulations. Building work is underway but now due to a lack of cash to continue the school has had to delay further work and now they are caught between a rock and a hard place unable to finish but requiring to comply with the new regulations.

These pictures show the work on extending and refurbishing the school well underway. We now require a further injection of cash to complete the current schedule of work.

The underground phase of a pit latrine is almost complete (above) the concrete slab and the structure on top remain to be finished.

Some of the roof work here (above) is almost finished.

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